The Big Idea!

Kids Ok Please is India’s Largest Online Experiential Club for Kids, and a Membership-based platform for your Child!

Our founders are delighted to bring together several extracurricular activities for children that allow mummies and daddies to optimize their spends towards interactive co-curricular activities and maximizes a child’s experiences with a “Sense of Privilege”. Our evolving privilege eco-system brings all childhood-worthy experiences and these kid-tested and parent-approved programs are specially designed to infuse unforgettable joy into their childhood!

Educators, Parents, Children focused Brands, Venues, Schools, Corporates all have joined hands to make the world around us child friendly and continue to contribute to the growth of this platform.


“Kids” means the free and unlimited interactive Online Experiences to keep our member’s spirits high and passions fiery.


“OK” represents all courses featuring in OKaydemy that have been OKayed by us for kids to turn their experiences into excellence.


“Please” is the gateway to privileges where all Top Partners and Brands are waiting to please you with exclusive takeaways, discounts and deals.



Our Free Membership for your child (aged between 2.5 to 12 years) to experience a privilege called Childhood. Let them experience what it’s like to be a part of something exclusive, something designed to enhance and enrich their joyous childhoods.

Do it for them. They’ll love you for it!

Why become a Kids Ok Please Member?

  • Get access to 10+ Free Interactive Online Events across 5 categories under Unlock Events
  • Deep Discounts on Courses for turning experience into excellence at OKaydemy
  • Exciting Perks and Exclusive Brand Discounts for Members on our Privileges Page
  • Responsive Team to help you maximize your experience.

Super Partners

Turning Experience Into Excellence

Global Languages
By Neeva's Classes

Neeva plans to create a supportive learning environment suitable for individuals to enrich their knowledge and adapt to the new age world.

Wellness & Yoga
By The Lil Yogis Club

Hiral is Government of India and Internationally certified kids yoga teacher & specialises in teaching yoga through story telling, music, dance and games.

Story Telling
By Learning with teacher judy

She also excels in story telling and puppet shows and has conducted sessions and workshops all over mumbai.

Wellness & Yoga
By IX Dance N Fitness

They contribute towards cultural arts, education, personal development, social contribution and promoting Dance & Fitness to mainstream audiences.

Global Languages
By Edarlabs

We are an experiential learning platform. Our vision is to challenge passive learning methods and get students involved in the learning process by themselves, which is the essence of experiential learning.

Arts & Craft
By Artistic Pebbles

Artistic Pebbles is a small step started by Pinaz and Anshu to keep kids gadget free.


Arts & Craft
By Get Artsy with Nishriti

Nishriti is an architect and tattoo artist by profession. She specialises in realism and abstract art. She encourage's kids to visualise and express their creative side.


Story Telling
By Unbox A Story

With Foram's passion and bag full of stories she founded Unbox A story, to narrate stories in her style. Because a good story helps understand, creates imagination and improves vocabulary.

Wellness & Yoga
By Zin Rara Gayatri

Zin Rara Gyathri teach simple dance steps to ensure that kids have a full body workout, increased flexibility and coordination whilst rocking to good music.

Wellness & Yoga
By Shaurya Martial Arts

Shaurya Martial Arts and Self Defence is instrumental in learning martial arts for all age groups and gender.

Wellness & Yoga
By Little Lotus Yoga

Little Lotus Yoga helps your child discover the magical world of yoga through storytelling, music, games and many more fun activities!

Alternate Skills
By Sunday Bricks

Sunday Bricks conduct creative theme based LEGO workshops for kids and young adults.

Story Telling
By The zesty mommy

Dr. Namita Shenai Vadhavkar is a Pediatric occupational therapist and a mother and loves to talk to children and teach them new things.

Story Telling
By Kathá Kathan

Parul Wagh founder of Kathá Kathan dons colorful hats of a storyteller, children's author and meditator. She loves to facilitate a lifelong friendship between children and books.

Wellness & Yoga
By Kanchan Bachwani

Kanchan Bachwani is a Dietician/Fitness Consultant/Diabetes Educator and Lifestyle Coach with 12 years of experience in this field.

Story Telling
By Pocketful of Stories

Ramsha is a young, passionate storyteller and a day dreamer. A teacher by profession and a kid by heart. Always looking for opportunities to spread the joy of listening and reading stories.

Arts & Craft
By Young Creators Studiolo

Young Creators Studiolo Plays an important role in the child's personal growth, through painting and craft. Children can express their imagination on the canvas and bloom their creativity to it's full potential.

Performing Arts
By Smit Darji

Smit is a trained Guitar professional and is playing Guitar since past 7 years as a hobby and loves to teach kids.

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"The yoga Storytelling class was amazing today. Loved the enthusiasm and my daughter really enjoyed the session You have some amazing classes listed. Would love to enroll her again Thanks"

Jasvinder Kaur


"Hi, My son loved today's yoga session. We had a puja at our home, so i could not sit with my kid all the time ..but this idea of implementing Yoga with story is really nice and you guys are doing a great job.Thankyou so much!"

Sakshi Sahni


"Kids Ok Please is an amazing platform for young learners as well as collaborators interested in growing their reach. The management is very effiicient and I had a grear experience with them."


Super Partner

"We are liking the classes on kids ok please.. Would love to try out some more and create a routine for her"

Sajitha Mathew


"I have been on the kids ok please page and have seen that they have a lot of great activities for kids that can keep the kids engaged and busy and that activities look so much fun and with fun they can also learn. I think it is a great platform and will also help a lot of parents and even for kids to make learning fun"



"The concept of Kids Ok Please is so amazing. Their Philosophy behind it is to get the best for the parents and the students as well as the educators and create a whole community"

Hiral Ruparel

Super Partner

"Kids ok is a wonderful platform to ensure children remain occupied and learn something new in the process. The varied options allow the child to choose and learn at their own pace. Some of the classes are quite fun like table etiquettes, Zumba and yoga for kids. My kid loves the activities that they get to do especially fire free cooking. She can whip up sushi like a pro now!! Thank you so much"

Shalini Venkatesh


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